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2018: Interreg Sudoe or when transnational cooperation helps to build Europe

06/06/2018 Celebrating 15 years of Interreg Sudoe Programme or how transnational cooperation helps to build Southwestern Europe.

15 years ago, Interreg Sudoe was born and since 15 years, we build Europe! In celebration of this milestone, the Committee of the Regions will host an half-day conference, on 6/6/2018. This event will gather political and institutional representatives together to discuss the success and challenges of territorial cooperation. The former BBC reporter, Ms. Claire Doole, will moderate the discussions on key questions regarding the future of cohesion policy within Southwestern Europe:

  • Which kind of impact does the cohesion policy have on our territories?
  • How did territorial cooperation contribute to the economic and social development of our territories?
  • Which futur could we expect?
  • Which kind of challenges will our regions have to face?
  • What could transnational cooperation  offer in this sense?

All these debates will include  interventions of key projects funded through the programme, to explore concrete experiences related to the territorial and sectorial impact of the Programme.



Wednesday 6/06/2018, from 9am to 2.30pm.


Committee of the Regions (Rue Belliard, 99-101, 1040 Brussels).

Room JDE52 and Atrium.


Deadline: 01/06/2018 (11.59 am CET).


Draft agenda



The event will be translated into Spanish, French, English and Portuguese.


For any further questions, get in touch with Andréa Rodriguez.

( /+34 942 238344)