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Do you know that Interreg transnational programmes…

… have been providing financing for over 20 years to key projects for European economic, social and territorial cohesion? 

Interreg Transnational refers to 15 programmes which aims at promoting wider territorial cooperation and boosting regional development within the European Union, trough cooperation actions to better respond to shared territorial problematic. Like so, those programmes focus on a wide range of thematic: innovation, environment, risks management, competitiveness, etc.  For the current 2014-2020 programming period, Interreg transnational programmes have € 2.1 billion budget from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Interreg transnational programmes are more than project financing providers: they contribute to build and to consolidate the European project, by guaranteeing more territorial cohesion and consequently, fighting against existing inequalities.  In order to ensure a better understanding of their impact and complexity, the Joint Secretariat and some Managing Authorities of Interreg transnational programmes drafted together a publication in which their success through concrete projects are highlighted. You can download this publication here.


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