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Third Call for Proposals? Events? Before Christmas, we have a look to what is going on those days.

Events in Dicember

Next weeks, the Interreg Sudoe Programme and its projects will take part in several events:

  • Next 5/12, Interreg Sudoe Programme and SH City will be in Viena (AU) where they will discuss the benefices of transnational cooperation in the cultural and heritage fields, in the framework of the event “Activing Cultural Heritage in Interreg”, organised by Interact Viena.
  • On 5/12, Vinovert will organize a seminar in O Porto (PT). This event will focus on the resistent processes in wines production as alternatives to fungicides.
  • On 13-14/12, The University of Burgos (ES) will host the partners meeting and an event to disseminate the results of Turbo Sudoe.

Third Call & Fourth Call for Proposals

The results of the first stage of the Third Call for proposals are expected at the end of January 2019. Furthermore, the fourth Call for Proposals should be launched in the first semester of 2019.