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Sudoe Projects: full of activities!

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The Interreg Sudoe projects have been very active in the past few weeks. They carried out several activities such as the developement of their task groups or the organisition of promotional events. Let’s have a look.


Last 24/10, SMART FINANCE organised a roundtable in Zaragoza (ES), in the framework of the Entrepreneurs Week which took place in Aragón. The later gathered financial institutions, enterprises and entrepreneurs together to solve doubts regarding the search of funding, the interests of financial institutions in enterprises which are looking for funds, methods to produce a financial plan or errors when looking for money. (+ info:


Last 20-21/09, the first General Assembly of ICTUS NET took place at CHUM  Headquarters, in Montpellier (FR). During the event, participants reviewed the states of play of the project’s tasks.

Furthermore, last 29/10, the project organised a set of activities in the framework of the International Day of Stroke in order to raise awareness on its prevention and treatment. Several seminars took place in Navarra in order to provide information on symptoms identification at the public in general. In another hand, a concert of the Ictus Family Gospel took place at the Goya Theater, in Barcelona. This choir - specifically created for this purpose, was composed by “Superar el Ictus” Association in Barcelona, San Pablo Choir, Taliqual Choir from Olot and Twocats Choir, under the direction of Sonia Moreno. (+ info: ).


VALUEPAM organised several info days on aromatic plants. Malaga and Córdoba (ES) hosted seminars during which participants exchanged on aromatic plants use in mountains areas, business and trade strategies and ecologic labels. (+ info:


On 22-23/11, ENERPAT organised its second symposium in Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES), a great opportunity to share experiences on eco-rehabilitation in European old buildings. During the event, practitioners could exchange information on several issues such as the termal monitoring methodology, knowledge of local affiliated companies, etc. Moreover, the project partners discussed the ongoing works in the pilot buildings, the sustainable rehabilitation in Bayona old town and specificities of the national legislations on energy. (+ info: