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Humans of Sudoe: Conquering the space

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HUMANS OF SUDOE began as a testimonies project in April 2018. Its main objective is to collect experiences from users and people related to projects financed through the Interreg Sudoe Programme, highlighting how they improve their day-to-day. HUMANS OF SUDOE is an exhaustive catalogues of first-person testimonies. Together, those portraits become a blog on the construction of Europe by and for the citizens.

This month, discover the testimony of Alejandro & David, both users of Nanostar.


“We have always been amazed by the space and Nanostar is a project which will enable to get closer to the space world. It is a chance that we can’t miss. Thanks to Nanostar, we have the opportunity to lead an engineering project at the same level which we will deal with in our future. Furthermore, we can participate in a work environement which is unique, composed by students and teachers from different departments, from different universities. This is a way to Exchange experiences, methodologies, knowledge and without Nanostar, we could not have Access to that. We are currently developing ideas and projects but we hope to contribute to the Nanostar project as it contributes to our carreers. Without any doubt, this initiative will give us all we need for our profesional future.”

Alejandro & David


NANOSTAR is a 2014-2020 Interreg Sudoe project which  allows university students to be part of a whole real space engineer project which includes conception, design, implementation and documentation.

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