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2019: a year full of new perspectives

We are concluding 2018 which was full of activities, reflecting on the lines to be developped in 2019. The latter will be the year to capitalise and promote our projects - driving forces of our programme.

In September 2018, we launched our Third Call for Proposals. We expected the results of its first stage during the first quarter of 2019. Furthermore, we will launch our fourth Call for Proposals in the first semester. At this stage, we do not have more details on its content but as soon as we will have more information, we will share it through our website.

The first semester of 2019 will count on several projects closing events from the first Call of Proposals and therefore, we will have the opportunity to know their results. But they will not be the unique opportunity for that as in June, we will organise a capitalisation event in Toulouse.

Obviously, we will continue with our standart activities such as calls events, trainings and webinars, cooperation with other programmes, etc. Do not hesitate to have a look to our website and social media to get more information.