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Final event of SH City and ValuePAM

In November, SH City and Valuepam hold their final events.


SH City

After two years and a half of work, the team of Smart Heritage City (SH City) implemented in Avila a tech platform to facilitate the management and preservation of European historical sites and to contribute to the tourism development.

Last 27/11, the Major of the city, Jose Luis Rivas; Begoña Garcia- coordinator of the project in Santa Maria La Real Foundation and Andréa Rodriguez from Interreg Sudoe, introduced the results of the project in Avila.

Thus, the monitoring systems implemented in Avila as well as the tourism app were introduced. The latter enables the user to design his/her own routes in the city, taking into account the time he/she has, the areas of interest nearby or the ones with less waiting time to access.

The challenge of SH City is to replicate this project in European historical sites and for this purpose, a prototype has been developped for Sintra-Cascais (Portugal), Ribarroja de Turia in Valence (Spain).


Last 30/11, ValuePAM organised its final event in Sevilla: a project which took place in Andalucia, Cataluña, Alentejo and the French Pyrenees. During the event, the conclusions and results of 30 months of work were disseminated.

The development of ValuePAM enabled a deep knowledge of the aromatic and medicinal plants in the SUDOE area. Among the conclusions, we can mention: (i) the PAM sector is not very developped; (ii) the sector improvement depends on the comercial value rise; (iii) it is necessary to act in three areas: primary production, cosmetics and food; (iv) it is needed to improve the ecological certification of public mountains; (v) it is necessary to implement marketing actions by SMEs; (vi) sinergies have to be created between the PAM sector and the local agri-food industry.

The conclusions of the project and the presentations of the final event will be available soon on the website of the project