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SAMT SUDOE: Getting closer to the KET technologies and 3D printing

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It happened on last 4th and 5th April in Marinha Grande (Portugal). SAMT SUDOE presented the last details of their Open Education Resource and their demonstrators to their Monitoring Committee.

Open Education Resource?  As SAMT SUDOE cares about the free transmission of knowledge, the project develops educative material of free access in order to facilitate the retention of knowledge, the technological updating and the development of skilled labour.

In the same way, during the event, two of the main results of the project were presented: the online platform for the SMEs participation in the activities development of I+D and the cooperation between organizations through the value chain and the roadmap of existent technologies (plastic and mould industries techniques) and futures KET (FA and advanced materials), accordingly to the industrial needs and requirements.

If you didn´t understand yet what is SAMT SUDOE about, don´t miss this video:


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