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REGIOSTARS, an opportunity for Sudoe’s projects

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In October, the European Commission will award the most inspiring projects for regional development. This year, 4 Interreg Sudoe’s projects are running in the competition!

During the European Week of Regions and Cities, the Regiostars will award brilliant EU-funded projects, as inspiring models for future projects. Last year, CLIMACT, the Interreg Sudoe’s project aiming at a transition to a low carbon economy in schools, was finalist in this competition. This year, 4 Interreg Sudoe’s projects are listed in the five categories of Regiostars and all of them can win the Public choice award. Here you have  the projects:

ICT4SILVER focuses on the silver economy, that part of economy that concerns the specific needs of the population over 60. This innovative project promotes products and services adapted to the needs of the elderly, giving us tools for a future where in the SUDOE area will be the highest proportion of people over 60 in the world by 2050, with 40% of the population part of the silver economy.

ICT4SILVER is competing in Category 1 - Promoting digital transformation

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One of the SUDOE’s area problem is the soils’ contamination with significant effects on the environment and human health.

In Category 2 - Connecting green, blue and grey, there are 2 Sudoe’s projects dealing with soils’ management: SOIL TAKE CARE and PHYTOSUDOE.


SOIL TAKE CARE is a project focusing on the management of soils, which are linked to several sectors such as the economic, ecological and cultural ones. Soils suffer from actions that often degrade them irreversibly. The project provides tools for both diagnosis and  social and political management for an efficient management of the contaminated sites.

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PHYTOSUDOE´s objective is both the management and the restoration of degraded environments by applying innovative phytoremediation techniques that promote biodiversity, enhance ecosystem functionality and enable the sustainable use of resources.

It promotes a wider use of phytomanagement techniques by managers and owners of contaminated lands. Phytomanagement options are less invasive and more cost-effective than civil engineering remediation techniques and they can gradually result in an increased soil biodiversity, quality and functionality, as well as carbon sequestration.

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SUDOE STOP CO2 is running in Category 4 - Building climate-resilient cities.  

The project focuses on improving the use of renewable energy sources in public buildings and housing. In fact, many of bus/coach or/and a railway station’s facilities and their surroundings show an extremely high density of vehicles which, combined with an inadequate connection with urban transport networks, have high costs in terms of energy efficiency. Moreover, this is an opportunity to change people behaviour influencing people minds in a transition to a sustainable way of living.

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Vote for these projects! Good luck to all of them!