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ENTREPRENEURSHIP: AGROSMARTCOOP at the 2nd Geographical Indications Summit in Turkey

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The European project AGROSMARTcoop was presented in a roundtable at the 2nd Geographical Indications Summit, in Ankara, in September 2019. This event promotes the value of Geographical Indications (I.P.G.) and fosters international cooperation connections.

The 2nd Geographical Indications Summit organised by the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (Turkey) took place between the 19th and 21st September, in Ankara, with the participation of the   AGROSMARTcoop project in the framework of a session called “Innovative Models for Commercialization of Geographical Indications”. During the presentation, the project highlighted how it helps to develop the smart marketing concept, which makes use of the cooperatives’ potential in order to stand out their products thanks to their quality and endogenous character, supported by both technological and scientific innovation. Moreover, a specific mention was made to international inter-cooperation links which will further develop through AGROSMARTglobal, a project approved in the framework of the Third Call for Proposals of the Interreg Sudoe Programme, which aims at promoting the internationalization of small and medium cooperatives. 

The objectives of the Summit, besides promoting the products made in Turkey, were to create cooperation platforms and international infrastructures related to the marketing of Geographical Indications products and give visibility to the economic, cultural and social contributions of I.G.P. to rural development.

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