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INNOVATION: You can now register to the NANOSTAR challenges of NANOSTAR!

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The objective of the project NANOSTAR is to provide students with the experience of a real aerospace engineering process, which includes all the phases. It includes the entire process through which a net that combines high level of engineering careers and companies’ entrepreneurship in the field of nanosatellite. Now, the specific challenges of design, development and tests begin. Students from the institutions of the NANOSTAR consortium will deal with all these phases and together, they will build a partial engineering model of a nanosatellite. Some of these challenges are related with the components of the winner design of the first challenge which was a nanosatellite preliminary design , others with test installations, and also there will be a challenge for the design of a payload Roscoff worms, which is an essential element of this second edition.

How to take part

The students take part in this challenge in teams (of any size). The moderator of each group of students will be the member of the challenge’s host institution. At the end of each specific challenge, each team will have to hand over a report based on the template that can be download on the website

Moreover, they will have the chance to present their work during the final event of the project NANOSTAR, to be announced soon.

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