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BIODIVERSITY: Some news form the project SUDOANG, for eels protection

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Annual meeting of the project

On 19, 20 and 21st June 2019, the project organised an annual meeting in Cestas, near Bordeaux (France). 60 people from 35 institutions were gathered together in order to speak about the last developments of the project, plan the future activities and deal with the database on eels’ conservation, their habitat, the management and the fight against their illicit traffic created in the framework of the project with the aim of creating a platform governance.

Workshops and conferences

On 17-18th June 2019, a talk on otolith eel took place in Cestas, before the annual event of SUDOANG project. This event was organised by the following entities: IRSTEA, DCUL and the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), on behalf of SUDOANG.

Furthermore, other representatives of SUDOANG attended a work group in Bergen (Norway), from August 26 to September 2. During this meeting, the annual analysis of eels’ stoc which will be published soon, was presented.

Lastly, SUDOANG took also part to the European annual Conference of aquaculture, organised by the European Society of Aquaculture (Aquaculture Europe 2019), in Berlin, on October 9th. The representative of SUDOANG gave a speech explaining the current challenges when managing and preserving eels and the specific contributions of SUDOANG.


SUDOANG sampling station

The electrofishing sampling of 2019 started in the basins of Oria, Guadiario, Bages-Sigeab and Ter. In the case of Guadiano, the samples are hampered by the droughts.

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