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ENERGY: Presentation of Sudoe‘Stop CO2 ’and Sudoe‘ Energy Push ’at the II European Project Results Day in Cantabria

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The CTL Cantabria Foundation, under the General Directorate of Transport and Communications, introduced the European projects Sudoe 'Stop CO2' and Sudoe 'Energy Push' during the II Day of Results of European Projects in Cantabria held this Wednesday at the City Council of Colindres .

The event, hosted in the framework of the project “European Information Point (PIE) of the Commonwealth of Sustainable Municipalities of Cantabria (MMS) in 2019, sought to contribute both to the knowledge of results and products of projects with application at municipal level, as well as to promotion of regional cooperation in Cantabria.

The purpose of this event was to capitalize on the results of the Sudoe ‘Stop CO2’ project and disseminate Sudoe ‘Energy Push’, a project that seeks to improve social housing buildings. Likewise, attendees had the opportunity to see the presentation of the different projects in various round tables divided into three thematic blocks, territorial cooperation, the environment and nature conservation and research and innovation.

The itinerant exhibition ‘Sudoe Stop CO2’ arrives at the Zaragoza station.

The central bus station of Zaragoza, with an influx of close to 3 million passengers annually, hosts the exhibition of Sudoe Stop CO2.

This is the tenth place where the project is exposed, after visiting the stations of Bordeaux St Jean, Aquitaine, in France; Santander, Torrelavega, Cartagena and Santa Pola in Spain and Entrecampos Lisbon, Porto Sao Bento and Campo 24 de Agosto in Portuguese lands.

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