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Sudoe News

Fourth Call for Proposals: initial decisions of the Programming Committee

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After analyzing the eligibility criteria and the obervance of the characteristics of the Call for Proposals of the 168 project submitted during the first phase of the Fourth Call for Proposals, 19 applications were submitted to the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee was requested to decide by written consultation on the non-admissibility or non-eligibility of these 19 proposals. The result is available here.

This first phase of decisions was made in accordance with the rules established by the Sudoe Programme, which are listed on sheet 6 of the Sudoe guide.

At this stage of the first phase, a project is declared inadmissible if it has not met one of the 6 eligibility criteria with an exclusive nature.

Projects declared ineligible are those that have not respected the characteristics of the Call for Proposals with respect to the number of application sectors, or the type of actor in the project partnership (which receives ERDF funds) or the type of project expected in the text of the call.

Each major project beneficiary will receive an electronic notification of the decision of the Steering Committee including the reason for the decision.