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Fourth call: Authorized or not authorized to move on to the second stage?

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On October 25th we closed the fourth and final call for projects of the Interreg Sudoe program, with a budget of 12.900.000 euros.

In total, 168 applications were submitted, 120 in research and innovation (axis 1) and 48 in environment and resource efficiency. On March 4, 2020, the Steering Committee met in Lisbon to examine these proposals and establish the ranking that determines the candidates to the second stage.

Thus, 27 projects were chosen to participate to the second stage of the call that will run from March 05th to May 06th. This first phase closes then with the selection of 17 proposals from axis 1 and 10 from axis 5. You can consult the text on the conditions to move on to the second phase (available in Spanish, French & Portuguese). Remember that the cut in the first phase is done in the ranking when the available ERDF of the axis is reached twice.

Find out if your proposal is part of the projects authorized to compete in the second phase by consulting our ranking available here. In the coming days, information will be provided about the procedures to be carried out through an official notification to each principal beneficiary of the projects concerned.

We wish you good luck!




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