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Fourth call: discover all the tools at your disposal to guarantee your success in the second phase

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Congratulations to the 27 projects authorized to move on to the second phase! To prepare this phase as well as possible and guarantee your success, the program organizes a set of activities detailed below:

  • Specific toolkit for the second phase. All the necessary documents to be submitted to the second phase can be downloaded in our document library.
  • Webinars “between two phases”. In each call, the joint Secretariat and the National Authorities of the program usually organize a seminar between two phases in which information and advices are provided to achieve a good application and move forward in the development of the projects. Due to the health alert linked to the coronavirus, the sessions of this seminar will be covered by our webinars.
  • Webinars. Three webinars will be organized, in each of the program languages. The calendar and content of the latter can be dowloaded below.
  • 60's back with Sudoe. Each week, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions to a member of the joint Secretariat, the time of a virtual coffee. 2 sessions are foreseen. You can dowload the calendar below.
Document: calendar & content of the webinars (French, Portuguese, Spanish).

And for anything else, here we are!


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