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COVID-19: Information of interest for the applicants to our fourth Call

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Given the exceptional situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the programme’s authorities are trying to adopt all the measures at their disposal to guarantee the good development of the fourth Call currently ongoing.

For the time being, the closing date of the second phase remains suspended until further notice. Once the situation returns to normal, information about it will be provided.

On the other hand, the programme’s authorities hope that the approved projects can start their activities from November 1st, this date, as of today, being provisional and subject to the evolution of the situation. Regarding the programme's closing schedule, it has not undergone any changes, although the programme’s authorities have managed to guarantee that the final projects execution date is April 30st, 2023.

Lastly, in order to prepare your applications, we recommend that to consult the specific webinars and the 60 ' with Sudoe sessions which have already been held and which are available in this section. Keep in mind that new sessions of 60  with Sudoe will be organized later.

For more information

  • About the management of the programme in times of COVID-19, have a look to our specific section.
  • About the second phase of our fourth call, please consult our section on our website.
  • About the webinars on the second phase of our fourth call, please visit our specific section.
  • Consult the document with all the relevant information regarding the modifications of the second phase’s modifications.


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