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Fourth call: The second stage restarts

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After a written consultation to the Programme Monitoring Committee, please note that the second stage of the fourth call restarts from June 8, 2020.

Applications should be sent, following the official procedure described on this page,  by 07/31/2020, before 12:00:00 (UTC +2), at the latest. Furthermore, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please note that certain rules have been adapted. You can consult all the modifications in the new shit nº19 of the Sudoe users’ manual.

Lastly, to assist the projects in their applications, new sessions of 60’with Sudoe are scheduled, as detailed below:

Sessions in Spanish:

  • Thursday 06/18 (10:00 CET).
  • Thursday 07/02 (10:00 CET).



Sessions in French:

  • Wednesday 06/17 (10:00 CET).
  • Wednesday 07/01 (10:00 CET).



Sessions in Portuguese:

  • Tuesday 06/16 (15:30 CET).
  • Tuesday 06/30 (15:30 CET).



For more information on the webinars of the fourth call, you can consult this section.

Good luck!