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ENVIRONMENT AND EFFICIENCY OF RESOURCES: SustForest Plus creates RESINAPP, an APP for tracing natural resin

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The SustForest Plus project created ResinApp, an application with the aim of tracking the resin from its extraction to its first transformation in the factory.

Thanks to this APP, it is possible to control and manage resin shipments when they are loaded in the forest, by generating electronic delivery notes based on a QR code printed on the barrels. In this way, they can control the traceability of the product to the scale of the factory and facilitate the accreditation of the origin of the resin. In real time, the management company receives the data sent by the resin professionals on a server, enabling transaction information to be tracked and automatically integrated into its accounting and management system.

With this product, SUDOE natural resins are valued as a technological raw material in the new European bioeconomy, proving the link between sustainably managed forest and the processing industry.

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