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RISKS: RISKCOAST installs a sensor in La Herradura

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The Spanish RISKCOAST team has just installed a radar sensor in the coastal town of La Herradura (Granada). The device, called GBSAR, makes it possible to monitor ground movements with millimeter precision after capturing a setof radar images every certain frequency. The result is thousands of measurement points in each acquisition. This technology is one of the most widely used early warning systems for the control of slope instability in open-pit mining. RISKCOAST opens up a new field of applications in the field of risk management in inhabited areas affected by landslides. The objectives pursued in this campaign of measures are two:

  • Characterizing the short-term behavior of the Cerro Gordo landslide, located at the western tip of La Herradura, where numerous homes have been evicted due to the tremendous damage caused by the landslide activity.
  • Establishing a pilot zone that allows real-time monitoring of a slope as an effective tool for emergency management.

The installation campaign also served to carry out measurements in other areas of interest of the project in order to evaluate the application of the technique as a tool for motorization of landslides in the long term.