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BIODIVERSITY: SUDOANG brings us once again to the fascinating world of eels

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SUDOANG tries to promote the protection of European eels through awareness actions and improve their stock. In recent months, the project has focused on the creation of management scenarios that will be collected on its website. One of the key points for the creation of these scenarios is to understand the GEREM and EDA models that allow predicting eel recruitment and its density. In this sense, to guide the different key players regarding its use, the project has made available an explanatory video, “the EDA model for dummies”. This video is available on YouTube in Spanish (, English (, Portuguese (https: / / and French (

On the other hand, the project has produced a video within the framework of the World Fish Migration Day, available in Basque (, Catalan (https: // www / watch? v = -w1J5V-QJ0Y, Spanish (, Portuguese ( = Fz7lCe2b2Og), French ( and English (


For more information, visit the Sudoang website (