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WATER: Discover the last TWIST living labs’ activities

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  • French Living Lab: Two new pilots on the OiEau sites

TWIST French Living Lab, specifically in OiEau - Office International De L'eau, has two new Pilots working, one to test Triton filter floor from Johnson Screens regarding their efficiency and environmental impact and the other to test an innovative method to detect cavitation and other pumps faults with a Schneider Electric variable speed drive.

In this sense, Aqseptence Group and Office International de l'Eau worked on R&D based  on the tests of the Triton ™ filter floor from Johnson Screens. OiEau has created a pilot on a semi-industrial scale at their La Souterraine site, which allows them to test the efficiency of the Triton™ system in real-life situations and to optimise its environmental impact (water and energy consumption). The results obtained will make possible to demonstrate the strengths of the current product and to focus on the axes of new developments.

In another hand, Schneider Electric & OiEau have developed an innovative method to detect cavitation and other pumps faults. This new approach can detect a torque drop in the pump shaft, and coupled with a flow measure it can determine if a cavitation is occurring or not. Furthermore, the provisional maintenance gives the health state of a pump in real time and only requires acquiring the current and using RMS and spectral analysis. For 2 years, Schneider Electric and International Office for Water have work together on this subject.  For now, the methodology researches have been done and a first set of experiments has been led on an existing pedagogical platform at IOW (multi-stage centrifugal pump with an asynchronous motor, current, voltage, pressure and flowrate measurement).


  • Urban Lisbon Living Lab:  Monitoring treated wastewater application in public areas

The Urban Lisbon Living Lab (UL3) is working with with Lisbon Municipality to develop MAARTE project .

MAARTE will focus on a new methodology to assess the contamination levels of public green areas irrigated with treated wastewater. It will also assess several bacterial and virus concentrations in grass samples irrigated with potable water, ground water and treated wastewater.