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New webinars for potential beneficiaries!

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After the launch seminar of the Interreg VI-B Sudoe 2021-2027 programme, which took place in Santander on 25-26 January 2023, the Joint Secretariat continues working to provide support to potential beneficiaries in preparing their project applications.

In this sense, the schedule of sessions "60 minutes with Sudoe" is already designed. These webinars will take place in two parts. During the first half hour, the Joint Secretariat will make a presentation on the topic. During the remaining 30 minutes, participants will be able to ask questions and the National Authority of the respective country, together with the Joint Secretariat, will give its opinion. Each of the webinars is planned to last one hour, but can be extended for another hour, depending on the needs of the participants. 

The webinars will cover different topics and are scheduled as follows. To participate in each of the webinars, be sure to register using the link that appears linked to each proposal.


  • Consortium and Value Chain:

Spain: 13th February, 10h-12h. 

France: 14th February, 10h-12h. 

Portugal: 13rd February, 15h30-17h30 (Spanish time). 


  • Intervention logic and Indicators:

Spain: 20th February, 10h-12h. 

France: 21st February, 10h-12h. 

Portugal: 22nd February, 15h30-17h30 (Spanish time). 


  • The Work Plan building and the Application Kit:

Spain: 27th February, 10h-12h. 

France: 28th February, 10h-12h. 

Portugal: 23rd February, 15h30-17h30 (Spanish time). 


In addition to these "60 minutes with Sudoe" sessions, you can get a personal interview with the Joint Secretariat in the framework of the "Virtual coffee with SC Sudoe".

Finally, you have at your disposal other tools that will help you to clarify your doubts and keep on working on your project idea: the webinars organised by the National Authorities of the Programme, the presentations used in the different events, etc. For more information about all these activities, please consult the "Resources" section of the Sudoe 2021-2027 programme website.