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Do not forget to send your project idea before March the 31st!

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If you wish to submit your project application in the framework of the first call for proposals of the Sudoe 2021-2027 programme, do not forget that it is imperative to click on "send" before noon 12:00:00 pm on Friday 31 March (Santander local time - peninsular Spain) in at least the language of the lead partner.

  • If the proposal has been completed in all 3 languages when clicking on "send", no further changes to the form are possible.

  • If the proposal has been completed only in the lead partner's language when you click on "send", you will no longer be able to edit the form in the lead partner's language, but you will be able to access the form in the other two languages to enter the translations. Only when the translations are completed in the other two languages can you click on "send" again (click once to send both languages) before Wednesday 12 April before noon 12:00:00 pm (local time Santander - Peninsular Spain).

The following infographic explains how to send your application through eSudoe2127.

Good luck!