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Updated information regarding the first call for projects

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Due to public holidays in the member States of the Interreg Sudoe programme (Thursday 6 April, Friday 7 April and Monday 10 April), the date for submitting translations of project applications, originally scheduled for Friday 7 April before 12:00 noon (local time in Santander, Spain), has been postponed to Wednesday 12 April 2023 before 12:00 noon (local time in Santander, Spain)

However, the date for submitting the application remains unchanged. Project leaders must therefore still send their project application before Friday 31 March at 12:00:00 (local time in Santander, Spain).

The project application must be submitted in the 3 languages of the partnership. The first submission before 31 March before 12:00:00 (Santander local time, peninsular Spain) can be made either in the 3 languages of the partnership or in the language of the lead partner. The translations must be inserted and sent via eSudoe2127 before Wednesday 12 April 2023 before 12:00:00 (local time of Santander, peninsular Spain).

Reminder on the procedure for sending via eSudoe2127: simply click on the SEND button to submit the application.

The Sudoe Joint Secretariat remains at your disposal for any further information.