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Advice for the follow-up of the approved projects’ activities


Advice for the follow-up of the approved projects’ activities

Programme’s authorities recommend that the lead managers of approved projects consider the implementation of alternative measures to prevent delays in the implementation of the project. For partnership meetings, we recommend that you hold those meetings that are important for the continuity of the project by videoconference or conference call. If the pandemic has consequences on the development of activities involving a trip to the field, we advise you to consider the adaptation of the working method or to postpone these activities to a later date, taking care not to delay the general execution of the work plan.

For dissemination and communication events, we recommend that you review the calendar of your communication plan and see if the event could be realized at another time of the project when obtaining the next product or replace it with a communication campaign towards a previously defined target audience. These adaptations must be submitted beforehand to your project manager at the Joint Secretariat so that they can be analyzed. They must then be explained in the interim and / or final execution report of the project.

For any questions, the Joint Secretariat remains at the disposal of the project leaders.