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2016: Technical meeting about Step 2

2016: Technical meeting about Step 2

2016: Technical meeting about Step 2

The Joint Secretariat organised a technical meeting about Step 2 of the first call for proposals on the afternoon of the 16th of March 2016 and the morning of 17th of March 2016. All the applicants who went successfully through Step 1 were invited to this event, according to the ranking approved by the Steering Committee on the 23th of February 2016.

This meeting took place in Santander and was attended by 227 participants. The main subjects discussed were technical aspects related to the application process, as well as other content issues in order to improve the quality of the proposals.

The programme is available in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

You can download here the presentations of the technical meeting:


Following the technical meeting on Step 2, the Joint Secretariat has prepared a document that includes further information, in order to provide an answer to some questions that arose in the course of the meeting. You can check this document here (available in Spanish, French and Portuguese).

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