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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Step 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Step 2

  • Which are the compulsory communication activities that projects must perform?


    The compulsory communication activities that all projects must perform are presented by default in the application form, under the Task Group Communication. The beneficiaries must create or adapt their project's logo, which must contain or be used alongside the Interreg Sudoe Programme logo. Furthermore, projects have to create their own website, to design a poster with a minimum size A3 with information about project and to organise an event to disseminate the project's results. They must also collaborate to fill the project factsheet available on the Programme's website, providing with every indicator report a summary with the results achieved by the project up to that moment. 

    The details about the requirements of every communication activity will be available shortly in the Sudoe programme manual for project development and management. 

    Apart from the abovementioned activities, the Programme encourages projects to create other communication tools to maximise their impact.