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The approved projects

The approved projects




Axis 4: Combating climate change

Axis 4 Combating climate change

Objective 5b1 Improving the coordination and effectiveness of prevention, disasters management and rehabilitation tools of damaged areas
Total eligible cost (€) 2.009.646,44 € ERDF grant (€) 1.507.234,83 €

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Contact José Darrozes Responsable del proyecto
  1. Technological risks
Call for proposals First Duration 36 Months - Lead partner Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. Délégation Midi-Pyrénées. Laboratoire Géosciences Environnement Toulouse - UMR5563 (FR) Other beneficiaries

2. IRSTEA. Unité Gestion de l’eau, acteurs et usages FR
3. Université de Limoges. Laboratoire Groupement Recherche Eau Sol Environnement FR
4. Instituto Superior Técnico. Centro de Estudos de Hidráulica, Recursos Hídricos e Ambiente. Grupo de Hidrogeologia e Geosistemas. PT
5. Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. Grupo de Investigación de Gestión, Aprovechamiento y Recuperación de Suelos y Aguas (GARSA) ES
6. Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux. Equipe Géoressources et Environnement de Bordeaux INP. UBM FR
7. Fundació ctm centre tecnològic ES
8. CIMES Environnement FR
9. Universidad de Oviedo. Departamento Explotación y Prospección de Minas ES

Project summary del proyecto

Soil is a natural element that is of vital importance in the life of communities and ecosystems. It is however constantly under threat and on occasion suffers irreversible damage while the public administrations face the high cost of the treatment of contaminated areas. In this context SOIL_TAKE_CARE proposes the creation of innovative devices and methodologies for the rapid and cheap diagnosis of contamination by metals and hydrocarbons in south-west European countries, providing information on the areas most at risk and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the communities facing contamination. 

Participating regions

  • Aquitaine
  • Cataluña
  • Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Limousin
  • Lisboa
  • Midi-Pyrénées
  • Principado de Asturias
  • Región de Murcia

Estado de avance del proyecto

Soils are essential for our societies as they are linked to many areas of ecosystems and communities. However, it is constantly threatened and sometimes they suffer irreversible damage, while public administrations face the high cost of treating contaminated areas. Therefore, SOIL TAKE CARE offers diagnostic tools, soil remediation techniques and efficiency in the political and social management of contaminated sites.

Its results include:

  • Diagnosis tools to estimate soil contamination.
  • Soil remediation techniques.
  • Tools for decision making in administrations and managers of contaminated sites.
  • Maps of health risks.
  • Influence on national public policies according to the context of each country.

The project continues its development through other European funds and collaborations.