Interreg Sudoe - Programme Sudoe Interreg

Expected results

Expected results

The first results from the Interreg Sudoe Programme will be known only when the first programmed projects finish their activities. The cooperation programme establishes a set of objectives and outputs that have as an ultimate goal the improvement of the quality of life of citizens from the regions of Southwest Europe.

In practice, Interreg Sudoe Programme will focus on the development of competitiveness and sustainability, as the areas on which transnational cooperation will have its strongest impact in the context of Southwest Europe.

Who will benefit from the Interreg Sudoe Programme?

  • All citizens: higher level of well-being with a more developed economy, improved energy efficiency in buildings, better protection against natural risks and reinforced appreciation of their cultural and natural heritage.
  • SMEs: increased profits due to investment in R&D+i, business development initiatives and internationalisation services.
  • Researchers and public administrations: access to new knowledge and resources collaborating with researchers and administrations from other countries and regions.

Which indicators will prove that objectives have been met?

  • Participation of 300 companies and 300 research institutions in cross-border, transnational or interregional projects.
  • Creation or support of 33 business development services.
  • 1,100 companies will benefit from financial support and 1,100 companies will benefit from non-financial support.
  • Creation or support of 22 internationalisation services.
  • Development of 12 pilot actions and strategies, as well 20 tools and services to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.
  • 13.5 million people will benefit from transnational measures of protection against natural risks.
  • Development of 12 transnational strategies or action plans for the risk prevention and management.
  • Support and enhancement of 50 natural areas, enrolled in management processes for sustainable development or preservation of the environment and mitigating the impact of human activities.