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Updated information 31/01/2023 

After the Launch seminar of the Interreg VI-B Sudoe programme, which took place in Santander on 25 and 26 January 2023, the Joint Secretariat and National Authorities provide you with a series of tools in order to guide you in the preparation of your project idea.

Below you will find all the resources at your disposal:


1) Virtual Coffee

Through these online-only meetings, you will have the opportunity to have a 30-minute exchange with the Joint Secretariat in order to receive personalised advice on the preparation of your project. These sessions will be scheduled by previous appointment only.

To participate, you will have to fill in a form in which you will present your project idea, as well as the questions and issues you wish to discuss in the "virtual coffee". As soon as we have received this information, we will contact you to offer you this 30-minute videoconference. This tool will be available until March 17th 2023


2) Webinars

These webinars will cover different topics and will take place during the month of February, prior to the opening of the call for proposals. To participate in these webinars, be sure to register using the link that appears linked to each proposal: 

  • Consortium and Value Chain:

Spain: 13th February, 10h-12h. Video available.

France: 14th February, 10h-12h. Video available.

Portugal: 13rd February, 15h30-17h30 (Spanish time). Video available.


  • Intervention logic and Indicators:

Spain: 20th February, 10h-12h. Video available.

France: 21st February, 10h-12h. Video available.

Portugal: 22nd February, 15h30-17h30 (Spanish time). Video avaliable.


  • The Work Plan building and the Application Kit:

Spain: 27th February, 10h-12h. Video available.

France: 28th February, 10h-12h. Video available.

Portugal: 23rd February, 15h30-17h30 (Spanish time). Video available.


3) Sudoe 2021-2027 Launch Seminar

The presentations used in the various presentations at the two-day launch event are also available in the three Sudoe languages. They include a wide range of information on the programme and the 2021-20027 policy framework:

- First call for projects.

- Frequently asked questions from beneficiaries (Part 1).

- Frequently asked questions from beneficiaries (Part 2).


4) Webinars of the National Authorities

The National Authorities of the Sudoe programme have organised several webinars for potential beneficiaries in the different states. During these webinars, among other things, the content of the Sudoe Programme 2021-2027 has been presented: cooperation priorities, issues and challenges to be addressed and expected results.

In addition, information and advice on the preparation of applications has also been provided during these sessions.

Webinars for potential Spanish beneficiaries:

Webinar on Priority OP2.

Webinar on priorities OP1 and OP4.


Webinars for French potential beneficiaries:

Webinar on climate change.

Webinar on health.

Webinar on sustainable tourism.


5) Pre-launch event in Toulouse (08/07/2022)

In order to be able to work on your project application now, you can read the draft programme and the presentations that were made during the pre-launch seminar in Toulouse (France) last July.

The seminar in Toulouse was attended by 200 people and served as a first presentation of the draft programme, as well as to give the first information about the first call for projects. The presentations of the event are available in French, Spanish and Portuguese and can be downloaded below:

- Context of the preparation of the Programme (Assessment of the SUDOE programme 2014-2020; territorial challenges and challenges)

- General presentation of the Interreg VI-B SUDOE Programme (intervention logic and priorities)

- Calls for projects

- Sudoe 2021-2027 vs Sudoe 2014-2020 (financial issues)

This site will be updated regular. The Joint Secretary will not provide more information by telephone that the one published on this website.


6) Webinars for Portuguese potential beneficiaries:

28th of March : Video available