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Once upon a time there was the Cohesion Policy, a single policy to rule them all...

A policy designed to promote a more inclusive European Union that unites different States and regions, which are  very different but at the same time, very similar. Such a work! Furthermore,at that time, the available tools to cooperate were not enough. That mission required extra support!

And that is how the European Territorial Cooperation was born. It was the 90’s and this form of cooperation, better known as #Interreg, started growing and growing until it became one of the fundamental pillars of the Cohesion Policy. ❤️

Thus, the small and endearing #Interreg allowed - and still allows - to finance thousands of cooperation projects: some cross-border, other transnational and also some inter-regional, promoting the economic, social and cultural development of our territories through 72 programs.

30 years later, it is time for us to celebrate all these achievements. And for this purpose, we have thought big: throughout the year, throughout Europe and on the network, events and initiatives will be held to illustrate key themes of #Interreg, very important for the future of Europe; namely, youth, a green Europe and the neighborhood.

The activities will include an itinerant exhibition of 30 emblematic projects among which Ghelp, an Interreg Sudoe project that tackles childhood hearing loss.

On this page, we will inform about all the events and campaigns. We are very excited to share with you those 30 years of achievements!

So, do you want to celebrate Interreg with us?

Happy birthday Interreg and let’s get on with the 50’s!


The Interact programme produces a set of podcasts on the Interreg programmes and projects to highligh their contribution to the above-mentionned themes.



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