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Second Call for Proposals - “Second stage” Mission

Second Call for Proposals - “Second stage” Mission


Last 11/07, the ranking of authorized projects to apply to the second stage of the Second Call for Proposals was published on our website. From 357 proposals received, 46 projects were selected to remain in the competition, among which 29 from axis 1 and 17 from axis 5. Those projects have now to apply to the second stage by the 31st October, 2017, in order to participate to the final selection whose results will be known by the end of the year.


In order to support the selected projects with their applications and guarantee their well understanding of the concepts and procedures of the second stage, the Interreg Sudoe Joint Secretariat organizes a between two stages seminar. As indicated by its name, this seminar takes place between the two stages of the Second Call in order the selected projects properly prepare  their application to the Second Stage.


Being the guarantee of high quality application the main objective of the seminar, the activities which will be organized during the later will be practical. They will focus on each relevant aspect of the application (background, criteria, communication, financial plan and so on) and will be animated by the members of the Joint Secretariat and the National Authorities of the Programme. In order to ensure the participation of all, the activities will be in French, Spanish and Portuguese and will count on simultaneous translation in every mentioned languages during the whole event.

Target audience

This event is exclusively addressed to selected projects authorized to apply to the second stage of the Second Call.


Wednesday 13th September (from 3.00 to 7.00 pm).

Thursday 14th September (from 9.00am to 1.00pm).


Hotel Bahia,

C/Cadiz 22, 39002 Santander (España).


You can download the programme in French, Portuguese and Spanish.


You can download the presentations in French, Portuguese and Spanish.