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SustForest Plus: a step further towards the European Network of Resin Territories

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On 30 and 31st May 2019, the SustForest Plus Project will organise the International Days called “The exploitation of resin: forests have a promising future” in Proença-a-Nova, (PT). 

This meeting will be the starting point of the creation process of the European Network of Resin Territories (RERT), a sectorial and transnational association that will promote a Strategy for the European Natural Resin which aims at encouraging policies, programs and actions that support the improvement, conservation and valorisation of this resource. The latter will present the sector to the public decision-makers of the European Union in 2021, in Brussels, so that the European natural resin would be taken into account in the design of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Bioeconomy Strategy of the European Union and the guidelines of the Forest Policy.  Furthermore, this Network will promote the valorisation and exploitation of the resin produced in European forests, it will enable the creation of jobs related to the extraction activity, therefore it will help rural populations to continue living in the countryside and finally it will promote a label origin for the resin of Southern Europe.

This event will mark the beginning of the Network, which is one of the cornerstones of the Project Sustforest Plus.

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