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CIRCULAR ECONOMY: CEMOWAS2 and the challenge of reusing water

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The Cemowas2 project has developed a demonstration action to improve the productivity of the reclaimed water system by improving the management of the infrastructure of the treatment plant-wetland-regenerated water plant. In this sense, the town of Granollers has developed a project to reuse water to irrigate parks and gardens through a water treatment and distribution system. This hydraulic network has a length of 8,599m which is complemented by groundwater catchments to form a non-potable water network of 14,980m. The hydraulic system is managed through a remote management programme that allows to know parameters such as flow rates, meter readings or chlorine concentrations. It also allows the driving pumps to be controlled remotely.

Another important milestone of the project in recent months has been the launch of the participatory diagnosis of the state of recovery of food waste in Lisbon. This report is the result of several months of work carried out by the consulting firm Circular y Lisboa E-Nova, which allows us to understand the current state of recovery of organic food-based waste in the city of Lisbon and to draw up strategic orientations related to the cycle of food in the city. The document includes the methodology of the study, an estimate of the values ​​of the food chain flows in the city and the possible evolution in 2021. It also describes the different phases of the food value chain in the city of Lisbon and the actors involved. The study is available here: link